DIY Projects (Do it yourself)

The filling for the empandas.
The filling for the empandas.

1. 1 gallon of milk
2. 6 eggs
3. 13 table spoons of corn starch
4.  amount of sugar to your liking
5. 1 to 2 cinnomon sticks
6. a tea spoon of lime

Dough (Masa)

1. 1k of flour
2. 200gm of sugar
3. half k. of Crisco butter
4. 1 tablespoon of Crisco cooking baking soda
5. 1 Coke of 1-2 liters

estirando masa

Don’t make too thick or thin.

cortando masa

Cut out the circles.

poniendo dulce en masa

Put the filling on.

serando empanda

Press edges down with fork with  not too much or too little pressure.

huevo en emapanda

Spread a little amount of egg on top of the empanadas so that the top of the empanadas bake easier.


String Bowl

Things needed:
Plastic Wrap
2 Bowls

Cut the string in many strips

string 2
Put string in the glue

String 3
Things needed

String 4
Lay all string on bowl

Let the glue dry until it is hard

Bowl 2


Things needed:
Optional- cup for Isopropyl

Sharpie 2
Color the canvas with sharpies how ever you choose

Sharpie 3
Put some drops of isoproply and wait for the reaction to happen
What I did to make mine look like this is move the canvas around to mix the colors
Sharpie 4

Star Lord Mask

Instructions at

So after seeing guardians of the galaxy, I decided to make the mask of “Starlord”. Because it looked awesome. So, i searched for and found instructions to make the mask out of card board. the website had a template, a set of paper shapes to cut out, copy on cardboard, and hot glue together. I had to modify it because of time. these are the results.

Star Lord  Star Lord left side

This is the real Star Lord mask

Real Star Lord

By:  Brett



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